Monthly Summary #QotW – May 2021

As the formal announcement of the merger and rebrand of the Bishopsgate UK and Compass London Market teams hits the press, we look forward to the Quote of the Week featuring the new areas such as PA/Contingency and Jewellers Block.

For now, looking back at May it’s clear that we are still winning in areas of Motor fleet, Construction, Property and Professional risks. The joined up proposition will only make us stronger.


Week One

“A great success story for this week’s Quote of the Week following recent virtual conferences with brokers across the network businesses. We met a new broker and were asked to help out on a difficult contracting risk where the holding insurer clearly were losing appetite for it.

We made first impressions count with a winning quote to start the relationship. The first of many we’re sure! ”


Week Two

“We’re front page news this week for Quote of the Week.

We were approached to find a solution for a marketing and media company and knew exactly where to go. We approached a specialist package insurer who offered a policy incorporating Professional Indemnity, Property, Liability and Cyber covers all under one comprehensive wording.

For slick solutions look no further!”



Week Three

“Property Insurance is proving to be one of the biggest challenges in an ever hardening market place.

A broker approached us on a diverse property portfolio having been let down by a national broker who couldn’t provide any cover at renewal. We built a non-conventional placement structured with a number of insurers to provide the client with some protection and help the broker retain an important client.

We think outside the box!”



Week Four

“For the up coming Bank Holiday its always good to have a shout out from a supporting broker.

Our fleet team came up with a solution for Phil at Portcullis Insurance Brokers Limited that left him pretty happy. “Want to put on record a huge thank you for your efforts on this one it has been top dollar and people should know about it!” They certainly do now Phil!

Enjoy the long weekend.”



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Ewen Brown
Sales Director