Monthly Summary #QotW – June 2021

June saw both parts of the Compass London Markets business come together on the same integrated IT platform with new email addresses for all, making us feel like a proper joined up business. IT is never without challenges, but we still managed another bumper month in the hard market with some great wins.

Some great successes for the England football team too, despite the defeat in the final, so it’s only appropriate
that this month’s round up kicks off with our Contingency win for the football.


Week One

“A great win for our Contingency team in this week’s Quote of the Week as we arranged contingency/cancellation cover for a prestigious sporting event soon to be televised.

As we all look forward to summer and hopefully less lockdown restrictions get in touch with us for events insurance and we’ll help you score the goals.”


Week Two

“An electrifying performance from our Motor Fleet team has helped an agent secure an order on a large fleet of electric taxis.

Early engagement with a supportive market led to a saving that helped pick up the business that the agent had been chasing for a while.”



Week Three

“Sometimes it’s not just what you know, but what and who you know.

We helped and agent this week on a Professional Indemnity risk for a Property Management Company, who’s existing broker had allowed cover to lapse.

Time was of the essence and a friendly word with the right underwriter came up with a suitable solution and cover was restored.”



Week Four

“For this week’s Quote of the week, our Fleet team turned to a specialist underwriter for a specialist risk. We were asked to look at a Motor fleet Policy for a Crane company and came up with a money saving deal that even included a 3 year agreement.

The agent and client clearly both liked the cut of our jib!”



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Ewen Brown
Sales Director